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tourney rules

• 7v7 outdoor played on natural grass field.


• FIFA #5 Ball provided for gameplay.

• All players must use protective equipment such as shin guards. Cleats and studded shoes are allowed and suggested for gameplay.


METAL CLEATS are not permitted for gameplay.

The duration of all matches will be 40 minutes (20 minutes each half). Halftime is 5 minute break. Games begin at scheduled time and all teams must be at the fields 10 mins prior to each scheduled game. Teams can start a game with 5 players minimum.

• Teams that have not arrived on the assigned pitch 5 minutes after the referee’s initial whistle of the start of the game will FORFEIT the game and will receive a LOSS (0 points). The opposite team will receive a WIN (3 Points) and a score of 3-0 victory.

• SLIDE TACKLING is not allowed at any time. Only uniformed players and a coach are allowed on the sidelines during matches. Coaches may not interfere or enter the pitch at any time during the game. Spectators will not be allowed on the sidelines during matches. Players or coaches who are involved in fights or join into a fight from the bench will be SUSPENDED OR BANNED from the tournament after review from Referee and Tournament Director. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for harassing, protesting or taunting a Referee or other players.

• There are UNLIMITED SUBSTITUTIONS during a DEAD BALL and with the Referees permission. Each team substitution must be made when that team has position of the ball or when the referee has called an injury on the field.

• To take a THROW IN KICK, players must place the ball next to the sideline outside the field. Players must pass the ball to start play again. Players cannot score on a THROW IN KICK shot directly to the goal.

• GOALKEEPER THROWS AND PUNTS must take a respective bounce before passing the midfield line. If the ball is thrown or punted over the half without a bounce, the ball will be awarded to the opposite team as a THROW IN KICK on the half sideline.

• PURA VIDA CUP is dedicated in proving a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all participating players and guests. All though the competition will be at a high level, we strongly recommend FAIR PLAY to all players and any aggressive action or unsafe play can result in SUSPENSION or BAN from the tournament. 

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